The Lottery Questions

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“The Lottery” Questions
1. Are there any books or movies that you have read or seen that are like this one?
“The Hunger Games” reminds me of “The Lottery”, because they are similar in many ways. Just like how “the people of the village [begin] to gather in the square” (The Lottery pg23) in “The Lottery”, districts in “The Hunger Games” do the same. A boy and a girl are chosen by drawing two pieces of paper from a bowl, and in the other story, husbands draw in a box. There is no real prize, but death, or a chance of death when you are chosen. Both stories are set in the olden days, where villages are very small and people struggle for food. The fact that in each tale they do a tradition every year, that involves the death of others, is the
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Both stories take place is the olden days, where towns were very small and everyone knew each other. Food was scarce and people did anything, even if it involved death and violence, just to live. Towns were poor and old fashioned. Families and family names were all known by one another. Just as how the people in the “The Hunger Games” dressed, I imagine the people in “The Lottery” to have the same attire. Old, ragged and formal dresses for women and suits for men. Weather was described as hot summer days in both towns. People gathered in the square for the drawing of winners so this shows the resemblance of setting. In both stories, people lived simple lives in small and resourceful …show more content…
The reader is left with many questions. Why did Mrs.Hutchinson supposedly come late? Or why was she trying to avoid it? Why was the lottery so important? Why did they do it every single year? What is the prize in the end? Why does the whole family draw? Why did some families lack a father to draw for them? Why did children gather stones in the beginning? Why did other towns stop doing the lottery? All these questions kept the reader interested to continue reading to discover the answers to their questions.

12. Has the writer used any literary devices? (simile/metaphor/personification/irony etc)
There is dramatic irony from beginning to end. The village seems normal and pleasant, and so did the lottery but in the end of the day, someone is stoned to death by the person’s own family and neighbors.
It is also ironic that when Tessie Hutchinson is chosen she screams, "It isn't fair, it isn't right."(pg 30) If anyone else would have gotten the marked piece of paper instead of herself, she would certainly have been throwing stones at that person. Not only this, but in the beginning she attempted to avoid drawing from the box, and ends up being crowned the “winner.”
“The feeling of liberty sat uneasily on most of them” (pg23) is personification. This means that they felt free, however feeling can sit uneasily on

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