The Lottery Is Not The Same Box Essay

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The Lottery
On June 27, all villagers get together for the lottery. The lottery usually takes longer in larger villages but in this village where there only 300 population, the lottery takes about two hours. The children of the village just finish school and getting ready for the summer, they start running and collecting small stones and put them in their pockets. The men come next followed by their women gathering together. In addition, there was a man called Mr, Summers who takes a charge for the lottery and also the village because he got a lot of time to work in the village.
Mr, Summers was holding a black box and going to the square and he was followed by another man called Mr, Graves. Moreover, the box is not the same box that they use every time for the lottery. Mr, Summers suggest to replace the current black box and put a newer one but the villagers didn 't care about it. However, after they finish preparing the box for the lottery and putting the papers inside the box, the locked the box the night before and collected the families names to get ready for the lottery day. On the lottery day, there was crowd and every was exciting for the lottery and who will win. Also, there was lady joined the crowd late with her husband and children and everyone was laughing at them because they came late. However, Mr, finished calling names and everyone begin to open their papers. The first man who won called Bill Hutchinson but the lady (Tessie) argued that it was unfair…

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