The Lottery, By Shirley Johnson And The Rocking Horse That Was Written By. Lawrence

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I have chosen to write about the lottery that was written by Shirley Johnson and the rocking horse that was written by D.H. Lawrence. In reading both of the short stories I have noticed that the setting was taken in two different areas/setting. The first story is “The lottery” was in the summer time (June 27th) the villages were not very big they were around 300 people in the beginning and was growing. When you first start the Lottery I though oh cool this is the lottery like what people play now days. Although as I was reading it; it was nothing like that. The lottery is about a village that gets together every year in June and they pick names of people and those people come up in front of the crowds and the drawl wood chips or pieces of paper out of this black box. After they drawl the paper out of the box whom ever has the dot on the black box got stoned. The setting of this story seems to be back in the old western days to me.
The second story that I am writing about is “The Rocking horse” by: D.H Lawrence. This story is about a family that seems to be poor but they put on a front like they have money. The mom in this story talks with her children about being lucky or not lucky. It seems to be that the mom is set on wanting more money and that is all she can thank about. Then the family starts hearing things like “must be more money!”(D.H Lawrence). When hearing this nobody says anything to each other but they all are hearing it in the house. Then the uncle comes in…

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