Essay about The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Shirley Jackson was born in San Francisco, but she spent her teenage years in Rochester, New York. She also dropped out student from college, but later she graduated from Syracuse University. After she got married, she settled in Bennington, Vermont; she had a hard time with the town society. She wrote many novels for money, but “the lottery” was a short story published by the New Yorker Magazine on the June 26, 1948. The author wrote this story right after World War II ended in Europe. The Jackson story became the most widely known American short story. This short story brought biggest shock to readers who read “the Lottery”. In a story, there are three important things; they are - Allegorys, symbols, and name of characters.

Shirley Jackson “The lottery” is an excellent example of allegory. The lottery was published after WWII ended in the European that Jackson connects people who die in the Nazi concentration camp. Peoples were life to death because of their race, gender, politics, culture and class. Jackson develops several themes through “The Lottery,” that lead a reader to question both human nature and the impact that society can have on an individual’s thoughts and actions. Jackson is showing this kind of behavior for out-coming generation from the own system. If we want to live in modern society with freedom and liberty we have learn lesson live together. Jackson 's story forces the reader to question on the American society. In the lottery, Jackson uses…

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