The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Essay examples

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“The Lottery“ is one of Shirley Jackson’s many famous short stories. Shirley Jackson was a prolific writer, among her over 100 short stories including “The Lottery“, she also published 6 novels. With her amazing works she even influenced authors such as Stephen King. First published in “The New Yorker“ in 1948, “The Lottery“ quickly became one of the most talked about short stories in american history. Horrified by Shirley Jackson’s tale hundreds of subscribers were quick to cancel their subscription to “The New Yorker“. Not long after the publication, the first response mails came in, followed by a flood of mail (Friedman 63). Author Shirley Jackson, admits that out of all the letters that were sent to the editorial offices in New York, only thirteen were positive responses to the short story „The Lottery“ (Harvey 15). She said that those thirteen responses were sent by family and friends (Friedman 63). Clearly the peoples first responses were very negative, the readers interpreted the story as if it was a message to them. As if they were the ones participating in cruel rituals.
On a late summer morning the people of a small farmers town in New England gather in the Village Square to participate in the annual lottery. The villagers seem to be in a good mood preparing for the festivity, especially the children seem to be very excited. Only a few people in town give away that the yearly lottery is not a reason to celebrate. The lottery is an old ritual and tradition in town.…

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