The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Essay

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Shirley Jackson is the author of the short story called “The Lottery.” When reading this story, the reader could possibly believe that they are able to foresee the ending. “The Lottery” takes place in a small town, with a population of about three hundred people, on June 27 at ten in the morning. Jackson provides the reader with visuals that range from the town gathering and getting ready for the lottery to the town kids playing outside and collecting rocks. The importance of this lottery is that is not what it comes off to be, instead it is an act of sacrifice that is believed to be important in order to keep society stable. This story is very similar to rain dance rituals of the Aztecs and other old civilizations. In “The Lottery” whoever draws the paper with the black dot will unfortunately be stoned to death by the fellow towns people. Jackson decided to chose common people as characters for her short story in order for her readers to relate in some way. She wanted her characters to be seen as everyday people and not something too extreme and not relatable. By doing this, Jackson is showing that the dangers of blind loyalty to tradition becomes real when a small town in America becomes the center of the activity. In the short story, Old Man Warner is a perfect example of what being blinded by tradition is really like. He is the oldest man in town and has been part of seventy-seven lotteries. He advocates to keep things the way they are because they are tradition and…

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