Essay about The Lottery, And The Rocking Horse Winner

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Within all manners of literature, there are similarities and dissimilarities. This is without exception regarding Shirley Jackson’s work of literature, “The Lottery,” and D. H. Lawrence’s work of literature, “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” Namely, the story of a community upholding a horrid tradition, i.e., “The Lottery,” and the story of a son, Paul, externally helping his mother by earning luck, i.e., “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” are similar in their theme, and their plot differs from one another. In other words, although the theme of “The Lottery,” that is, the residents of the city attempt to change the external and minor aspects of the horrendous Lottery, and of “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” that is, Paul dealt with the outwardly desire for money of his mother, are alike, the plot of “The Lottery” outwardly differs from that of “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” Both of the works alike include atrocious qualities that the characters do not deal with directly, but they only deal with the outer aspects. Jackson writes of a tradition where townspeople involve themselves with the act of randomly murdering another townsperson. Similarly, not as clear as “The Lottery,” Lawrence writes of a mother whose external desires led her son, Paul, to his demise. In both of the writings, there are those who attempt to change miniature, external, aspects of their current situation. That is, in “The Lottery,” there are people who strive to change certain external and minor aspects of the traditional…

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