Essay about The Lost Generation Writers : Hemingway

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There is a specific group of writers that have influenced a countless amount of readers. Whether their purpose is to express their own ideas, or to base their writing off of current events, these writers leave an impact that will remain. The Lost Generation writers are a group of people during World War I, that questioned the meaning of life throughout their writing. Lost Generation writers used different elements in their writing to make them unique. Hemingway, along with the other Lost Generation writers, used decadence, idealized past, as well as reversed or undefined gender roles. Hemingway defines the Lost Generation through his works, “Cat In The Rain”, and “Hills Like White Elephants”.
Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21,1898. He grew up with his father and his mother, which had a really big influence on him. While his father was a physician, his mother was well into church affairs. He was forced into religion because of his mother, which also played a feminine role in his life. He drifted towards his father, which led to his actions against women later in his life. Numerous factors have led to Hemingway becoming the writer he became. While others had an effect on him, his life is what made his writing more towards his own ideas, rather than use other people 's words. The Lost Generation is a group of people who were dealing with life after World War I, that focused on specific and unique styles of writing in order to be considered a distinct group…

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