The Lost Cause By The Civil War Essay

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“Lost Cause” advocates in the South, despite saying otherwise, promoted a political message about the Confederacy because “Lost Cause” advocates tried to portray a glorified image of the Confederacy to all people to ensure that the causes fought for in the Civil War remained supported. The “Lost Cause” of the South was limited because the movement appeared elitist to many people. The main influence of the “Lost Cause” was that it ensured racist sentiments towards African Americans would continue in the South and slavery would continue to be viewed as a positive good.

“Lost Cause” advocates in the South promoted a political message about the Confederacy by painting a glorified image of the Confederacy to many Americans in an attempt to keep Confederate ideals alive. Documents 1 and 2 were similar in author’s purpose, namely, both authors--the maker of the postcard and the UDC--wanted to ensure people remembered and praised the Confederacy. A commemorative postcard from 1907 shows a picture of a statue in 1890 made to honor Confederate general Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy as well as get others to honor Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy, which demonstrated how “Lost Cause” advocates glorified the Confederacy and raised support for Confederate ideals. Since the postcard was made to be sent to anyone in America and to be viewed by anyone in America, it is likely that the postcard maker’s goal was to promote the political message of the Confederacy being better than the…

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