The Loss Of Self Preservation Essay

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the newport household had always been relatively tranquil in comparison to the abuse and general negligence that seemed to poison the crown. they were a good family with a particularly unlucky streak——dexter’s father swore by as much. whether this so-called unlucky streak referred to his mother’s bipolar disorder, her suicide attempts, or their inconsistent/lack of finances, no one seemed to know. it was simply an agreed upon ideal that the entire family shared. this optimism and idealism stayed with dexter, even despite the fact that things were far from acceptable.

dexter’s mother’s spurts of erratic and depressive behavior inspired a nervousness in him. upon entering elementary school, it was clear that his home situation differed wildly from many of his classmates’. while his peers developed a stark individualism necessary for self-preservation, dex was bred as a child rife with anxiety and a need for dependence. in any other world this would have made him quite the outsider, but his ability to click with those that surrounded him in a stable group gave him a foundation that would keep him grounded for as long as he possibly could imagine. his loyalty to those he loves is quite literally unbreakable. his dependence on them is even more impossible to destroy.

in another “unlucky” turn of events, dexter’s mother passed away when he was in second grade. more specifically, she offed herself, but he soon learned euphemisms were far more favorable to the harsh truth. his…

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