Essay on The Loss Of An Idea

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The Loss of an Idea
Walker Percy introduces the idea of individualism in his essay “The Loss of a Creature” by challenging the reader to question authority and find beauty in an object without having a preconceived idea about it. Percy contends that it is almost impossible, to see an object for what it is because of what has been formed in the sightseers mind. The author’s purpose of this essay is to expose the reader to new ideas about thinking for one’s self, and disregarding all preconceived thoughts to form impressionable ideas.
Percy starts the essay by defining the sense of ownership and beauty when a person finds ownership of something. The author goes onto say “every explorer names his island Formosa, beautiful. To him it is beautiful because being first, he has access to it and can see it for what it is, but to no one else is it ever as beautiful- except the rare man that recovers it” (Percy 1). Percy starts the essay by saying nothing should be as beautiful to a different person, as it is to another, unless it is recovered. Today, everything must be recovered because of how far off society is from a concept. It is nearly impossible for one to have a complete thought about something, without having a preconceived idea. Subsequently, Percy list a series of examples of how the “planners” (society) set up ideas that one should have, and finally goes on to examine Mounier. Walker Percy explains the importance of the essay by setting up a structure for the readers.…

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