The Loss Of A Parent Essay

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There is no doubt that losing a parent will have negative effects on the children of the family; however, we need to know how serious these effects are. The effects can be anything from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal behavior. These are very serious effects that can be put on young children. Of course the loss of a parent also affects not just children. Teenagers are also strongly affected by the loss of a parent. The differences between a natural death and suicide play a factor into how the child reacts to the death. When a parent is lost to natural causes it can almost be expected and there is time to prepare for it whereas, when a parent dies from an accident or suicide, there is no time to prepare for it.
The loss of a parent early on in childhood can have a negative effect on children such as depression. In a study of young adults, those who experienced a maternal and paternal death that came from external causes during childhood showed a two to threefold increased risk of being hospitalized and outpatient care for depression in men and a 70-100% increase in women (Berg ,Rostila, and Hjern, 2016.) Compared to young adults who did not experience a parental death due to natural causes showed to increase outpatient care for depression in both men and women by 15-25% (Berg, Rostila, Hjern, 2016). The differences between the strong association of depression from parental death from external causes and the comparatively small effect from death of natural causes are…

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