The Loss Behind Connection By Sherry Turkle Essay

779 Words Jun 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The Loss Behind Connection Today face-to-face conversation is being replaced by connection, by connecting through texts or social media. In her essay, “The Flight from Conversation,” Sherry Turkle, an author and professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argues how technology has changed people and their behavior. In her opinion, people hide from others with their technological devices in order to not have to speak to someone. According to Turkle, people control their communication with others through technology, thus controlling what they say, or whom they want to speak to. She believes, that technology has become so important to people that some would much rather have robots listen to them instead of an actual person. Turkle claims, that through technology we use others in order to not feel alone. She concludes, by bringing up some suggestions on how to bring back face-to-face conversations, and ultimately stating how much she values actual conversation (136-39). Turkle is correct. So much is lost through a couple of texts, tweets, or Facebook likes; communication should not depend on technology. People are substituting physical communication with virtual communication, thus not paying attention to their relationships, obstructing their learning, and most importantly it is preventing them from discovering their identities. People do not realize that by connecting with others through their phones, they forget…

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