The Lori Baker Sperry And Liz Grauerholz 's The Pervasiveness And Persistence Of Feminine Beauty Ideal

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The concept of stereotyping is prevalent within both Lori Baker-Sperry and Liz Grauerholz’s “The Pervasiveness and Persistence of the Feminine Beauty Ideal in Children’s Fairytales” and in the preface to Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki’s The Black Image in the White Mind. These articles discuss how media has the capability to influence the mind of individuals with images of fairy tale’s beauty norms and with racial depictions. Popular media often creates ideals and stereotypes by using characters in order to unjustly portray the way individuals are to act according to their race and gender roles; these stereotypes and ideals can provide people with a sense of empowerment or have the means to diminish it.
Because of the stereotypes fairy tales place on women, they have often been brought to believe that they must be beautiful in order to feel confident. Baker-Sperry and Gruaerholz’s article explains how there is a standard beauty ideal that is portrayed within fairy tales. They describe these ideals as “physical attractiveness [being] one of women’s most important assets and something all women should strive to achieve”. These standards that are being portrayed are often unrealistic, and not applicable to everyone. They often show young women with features that are depicted by media as beautiful, such as having a tiny waist, blond hair, and small nose. Women who do not have these specific features may feel less confident due to the unjust stereotype media has placed on…

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