The Lord Of The Rings Book Analysis

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One of my all time favorite books, as well as my favorite movie adaptation, is The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. After reading and re-reading the three books, I formed a strong attachment both to the literature itself and the lessons it conveys. In addition to providing a vivid look into his fantasy world, Tolkien’s epic fantasy is littered with symbolism, real-life themes, and moral lessons. To me, this book is important because it is entertaining, it taught me about adversity, and it has shown me how to see the good in other people and the world.
One way in which The Lord of the Rings has affected me is by simply providing entertainment. In the midst of a summer vacation, the books provided to me, then a twelve-year-old, a
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In the third book, The Return of the King, Frodo travels through Mordor and faces the most difficult part of his quest, and all hope appears to be lost. He is starving, thirsting, and constantly battling the evil of the One Ring. Despite all this, though, he is able to remain cheerful and press onward, eventually destroying the source of the evil. Tolkien wrote that in the face of danger, “it is not not the strength of the body, but the strength of the spirit” that will allow a person to persevere. Surely I, with problems far less significant than those of Frodo, could carry a positive attitude like he …show more content…
In the battle at Helm’s Deep, the men fought a concrete war, with concrete weapons and concrete enemies. However, the lessons that I learned from the book were much more significant than how to swing a sword. J.R.R. Tolkien, a devout Christian, put profound messages about the real meaning of life and how to live it into his story. The men of Helm’s Deep didn’t win through the high endurance of their muscles; they won through the endurance of their human spirit, by upholding their values of kindness, and managing to see the good in the world that seemed to be dominated by

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