The Lord Of The Flies Essay

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About 42% of kids in the U.S have been bullied. I know in BHS bullying is a HUGE no-no. In the Lord Of The Flies Piggy is bullied often by the Antagonist Jack. In most bullying situations, this is the common set up. A popular, or “higher ranked” personnel finds an unpopular, or “lower ranked” personnel and enjoys taunting and making fun of this person. They often feel this is a huge accomplishment and decides to do so for their own personal pleasure and social standings. I know this from my own experience. It makes the individual that is being targeted feel lonely, sad, miserable, and without a purpose. Isn 't that the whole idea of life? To find a purpose and to be happy and social without worry? With bullying you 're literally taking their life away and the antagonist doesn 't even care. In the Lord Of The Flies, Piggy gets stranded on this island and feels like he was put there for a reason. For once in his life, he will have a purpose and won 't need to worry about his life or his problems or unhappiness. He can be free, happy, and not intimidated by others. Little does he know this is ruined by the middle of Chapter One and again later on. Here is what it looked like before Piggy and Jack were put on this island unexpectedly. They left everything behind that they knew, only to soon realize that this wasn 't a free vacation, and all their worries, and fears, and life before the crash would follow them onto a mysterious island.

Bullying is an unhealable cut. It…

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