The Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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The worst part about being innocent is that the guilty sometimes always win. In the story “The lord of the flies”shows how a few innocent children get hurt by the hands of other children who have lost complete hold of civilization. It is true that it is the innocent who suffer at the hands of the guilty. And the story back up the statement. First, due to their childishness, they set up a fire in the forest which ends up killing a poor innocent child who is only described in the story as the child with the mark on his face. Second, they end up killing another child named Simon. He did not have bad intentions toward anybody. Third, they kill Piggy,the smartest child in the group.

First, Ralph is suppose to be a great leader, yet he comes up with an idea that they should light up a fire in order to get rescued. But the idea backfires when they cannot find a child with a mark on his face
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And the guilty do not feel any remorse at all toward the child they just murdered.

Third, the children’s savagery has taken over their mind. In the last chapter of the story, the children kill piggy as if he was a bug that needed to be squashed. Here the author shows how the children have lost their minds. It might have been an accident when they killed the other two boys; the child with the mark on his face and Simon but they had no excuses to why they killed Piggy. “ The rock struck piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee.”(200) Piggy’s story comes to an end in a sad way yet the other guilty children decide to throw away their conscience and start hunting Ralph.

To sum it all up, the innocent suffer at the hand of the guilty. The child with a mark on his face, Simon and Piggy were all examples of innocent children who suffered at the hands of their guilty peers and the worst about all of that is the fact that nothing bad had happened to the boys who had caused so much suffering to

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