The Lord Came By William Golding Essay

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The Lord Came
After those jealous and hardhearted Jews killed the Lord, He arose as He said He would, on the third day. By His resurrection, He made good His promise; the very promise for which they killed Him. The chief priest and elders sent that mob into the Garden called Gethsemane, to arrest Jesus and drag Him back for trial. When the Lord was brought before the authorities, they sent out a message that they were looking for witnesses to testify against Jesus. I don’t know if there was a bribe (money) involved or not, but it seems that quite a number of people lined up with a story to tell. Yet, out of all those who “tried out,” only two were thought to have a story (charge) with merit.
Even though the charge those witnesses made against Jesus was true, they were called “false witnesses”. The reason, of course, was because they had misrepresented what the Lord said. The false witnesses said, “This fellow said, I am able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days.” (Matt. 26:61) When the Lord spoke those words; however, He was not talking about the temple building there in Jerusalem as the Jews thought. Rather, He spoke of His body. The fulfillment of the prophecy for which they killed Him, was that which increased the faith of His disciples. (John 2: 19-22)
Now, Peter loved to fish. He had been a commercial fisherman all of his life until he became an apostle; but apparently, he never lost his love for fishing. Anyway, they were near the…

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