Essay on The Lopez Family Has Been Going Through Hard Times

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The Lopez family has been going through very hard times lately. There are 5 members in this family. The children are young adults and the parents are in middle age. It is a family with deeply rooted moral and religious values. “José” is a 22 years old young man, who recently has been diagnosed HIV positive. He is close to his mother and brothers but not to his father. He is characterized for being enthusiastic and friendly. He is the first born out of three to his parents. His father, “Carlos” 50 years old is a hardworking man with temperamental personality; especially when it comes to his sons. Although he is a good father he is really strict with his children. He expects them to be better than him. He works in a factory as a supervisor. He and his wife “Martha” who is 46 years old provide for most of the family expenses; because Jose and his younger brothers; “Julio” 20 years old senior college student and “Mario” 18 years old freshman college student; are attending school and they pay part of their education working part time. Jose and his brothers are first Mexican-American generation. Even though Carlos and Martha have tried to assimilate to the American culture they preferred to keep their cultural roots and raise their children according to these. Jose and his brothers adopted part their parents’ culture they feel more identified with the American culture. This situation creates a constant cultural conflict in their daily lives. “Much of the conflict that occurs…

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