The Longest War Analysis

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Adriel Rodriguez Soto
Professor Bradford
What Do I Do Essay: Understanding Rebecca Solnit’s “The longest War”
“The Longest War”, an essay written to try and provide readers an insight to the troubling issues of violence against women. The author, Rebecca Solnit, is a highly qualified individual with years of experience working as a writer, activist, and historian with knowledge on working for human rights and environmental issues. With such a diverse background, Solnit is able to provide examples and stories from her own understanding to try and assist readers on the issue of violence against women and help them realize the lack of progress is fairly consistent around the globe. Besides informing the reader, it would seem
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The stories she explains to readers with so much enthusiasm at times lacked credibility. Although, Solnit was very informative and made points that were easy to connect throughout her story to support her claim. For example, the connection between some politicians and their pro-rape statements and the impact that had on men. The idea implemented into the minds of many that acts of violence are ok, which could have been a factor to why there is an average amount of beatings a woman receives per day. In the end, her essay was persuasive but many times it seemed biased. She points out events where women have assaulted men, but seems to excuse their actions by insinuating the attacks as less threatful than those of their counterparts. But what I think she underestimates, are the stories she hasn't been told or witnessed. Men that haven't told their story, those that are afraid or ashamed of the attacks. I believe her audience would have been greater if she would have directed the story toward violence in general. “War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate”(Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’).

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