The Long Term Effects Of `` Sleepless Nights `` Essay

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Sleepless nights, grades dropping dramatically, social outcasts, tears shedding, not wanting to go to school and bruises are just the minor signs a kid goes through when being bullied. It happens every day. It happens at school, in grocery stores, parking lots, work offices, and even at home. Bullying comes in many forms such as verbal, physical, emotional, and cyber. The long term effects can be devastating and can lead to mental illnesses such as depression and suicide. Everyone in life is given the opportunity to be who they are, and live for a purpose. Bullying tries to take that away from you, it tries to define who you are and see how weak you are. Everyone has a short term life, why waste it by hurting others when they are trying to accomplish the same things in life? The fact children get away with hurting, destroying, and taking away lives from others doesn 't determine who the victim is, it determines who the person is that is hurting others. There have been many complaints, awareness fundraisers, and punishments, yet, nothing has changed. Bullying is not something people take seriously, It 's something that is happening more frequently to this day. Bullying and the results that occur when someone is being bullied is a serious matter that should be recognized and taken care of. If you 're a victim of bullying take a stand and fight for who you are and don 't let anyone change it.…

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