Essay The Long Term Effects Of A Concussion

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Most people have experienced pain. Stubbing a toe, breaking an arm, or hitting one’s head while getting into a car can all result in a varying amount of pain. The unfortunate part about injuries is some take longer to recover from and result in lasting impacts for years. A concussion is an example of an injury that takes much longer to recover from. The physical and mental pain that are side effects to a lengthy recovery process are why concussions seem to be transforming into a major discussion topic in most major sports. The constant physical pain, as well as the lack of mental and emotional stability result in the victim of a concussion to suffer for extended amounts of time. The recovery process, as well as outside influences make the long term effects of a concussion the worst injury to be diagnosed with.
The physical part of recovering from a concussion can be painfully long and uncertain. The headache caused by a concussion is one of the most excruciating experiences one can have. Whether it is from the lights that seem to be three shades brighter or the dull roar that seems to escape everybody’s mouth, one’s head never seems to stop ringing. When I had two major concussions in less than one month, the smallest noise or light caused the biggest headache. There always seems to be pressure in the head and a constant ringing that feels like an oncoming train which never passes. Depending on where the impact to the brain is exactly, one might not be able to slowly…

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