Essay on The Long Song By Andrea Levy And Purple Hibiscus

978 Words May 10th, 2016 4 Pages
The expression of the post-colonial condition throughout time and space both in the geographical and temporal sense has been constantly changing from the dominant Colonial view to the colonized voice, which with the advent of time and independence comes through in the African and Caribbean voices, more specifically Jamaica and Nigeria. The Long Song by Andrea Levy and Purple Hibiscus by Chinua Achebe are the two texts which I will be using to demonstrate this post colonial condition, through their individual lenses which create inevitable differences but more commonly similarities as the post-colonial condition is one that has been experienced repetitively throughout not only the eastern world but the entirety of the earth, this consistent condition which still lingers today with stark clarity despite the large decrease in colonization, remnants remain in almost every country through a history of colonization or being in the act of being the colonialist and therefore is important to all human beings. The post colonial is shown through different narrative views drawing from not only the political conditions of their countries but the domestic, sociological circumstances which women writers are more focused towards.

The Long Songs narrative is three pronged with the first person narrative of July herself taking the main focus. Additionally the almost omnipresent presence of her son Thomas 'the editor ' and the voice of information that July could never possibly know taking…

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