The Long Process Of American Territorial Expansion Essay

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The long process of American territorial expansion was both facilitated and justified by a mid-nineteenth-century ideology (or national vision) known as Manifest Destiny.i Manifest Destiny was infeasible to majority of the people who were willing to get on board with the expansion of America, except for the Indian people. The Indian people felt as though their land, in which they owned, was a good source for hunting, while the settlers thought it was a good idea to expand the nation 's territory. Reaching no concluded agreement, the white settlers came up with an alleged theory, that, in so many words, the whites were the superior and the non-whites were the inferior; and the inferior had no rights to own any land, and therefore the whites were entitled to any land they wanted. In 1830, president Andrew Jackson, decided to go forth with the nations Manifest Destiny, and signed the Indian Removal Act into law, which caused the Indians to be forced to move from the Southeast to the West of the Mississippi river. While reading, I unraveled information about the act and was informed about a man named Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak or Black Hawk (1776 - Oct 3, 1838). Black Hawk was the Sac war chief, who was one of the few, unknowingly signed his land over to the white settlers, due to a misunderstanding. Black Hawk was one of the tribe leaders who stood for justice and took an effort to combat the Illinois militia to reclaim their land. The aim of this paper is to discuss Black…

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