The Long Period Of The 19th Century Essay

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In the beginning of the 19th century, women in America and all over the world lacked equal rights to those of men. They were forced to stay at home and dedicate all their time to their husbands and children. Women had no rights whatsoever and they had no power over their personal properties after their marriage. Many women were victims of isolation; they were often forced to stay at home, expelled from normal human contact. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell was a very well-known physician in the 19th century and he was the designer of the so called “rest cure” treatment. He suggested that women who had mental illness should be imprisoned at home with no connection to the outside world and should live in absolute solitude, for days, weeks, months or even years. Such isolation can obviously cause deep depression and today this kind of method would never be accepted. Today, we all know that if someone with mental illness is forced to lay in bed for a long period of time without any connection to other people, the situation will get worse.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a prolific writer. She believed strongly in women ́s right and fought for them all her life by writing articles in newspapers and writing stories about women ́s condition in society. The story “The Yellow Wallpaper” was written with the intention of criticizing Dr. S. Weir Mitchell’s method. Gilman had experienced the method herself when she was treated by Dr. Weir Mitchell when suffering from postpartum depression after…

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