Essay about The Long Debate On Gun Control

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The long debate on gun control and the effect that it has on modern society has been an ongoing issue. Although it takes the action of pulling the trigger to ignite the gun, in today’s modern world, it is far to easy for people to obtain such weapons. Between the social problems that have recently arose and the increase in the amount of gun-related deaths, the improvement of the restrictions on gun control are something that our country needs to take into consideration. Generally, gun control refers to laws and policies that are made to regulate to manufacturing, sale, transfer, possession and modification of fire arms. These laws vary throughout the world and America seems to have relatively fewer restrictions compared to other countries. Typically, it is argued that if the gun ownership number decreases, the amount of gun related crimes, including homicide and suicide, would also lessen. All in all, the United States has 88.8 guns per 100 people, which is about 270,000,000 guns. This is the highest total and per capita number in the world. Although America’s gun culture stems from a variety of history and revolutionary areas, many components of gun control in states should be ratified. In today’s world, many families’ homes feel the need obtain a hand gun for self defense in the situation of an intruder. This portrays little or no harm to society, but only if the gun was bought legally and is used only in emergencies. In contrast, many people take advantage of their…

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