The Logic Of Care And Their Health Essay

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As I read Zylinska and Mol I thought of how each topic related to one another. Both authors were discussing ethics. Although, Mol was not straight forward with the topic, that is what I got from the reading. Mol discussed how the logic of care begins with the collectives with patients (p. 58). Mol discussed how other factors of a patients’ life may influence their health. Zylinska discussed the history of ethics and how “traditional” ethics were formed.
Zylinska begins her book by discussing the history of ethics. She talked about Kuhse and Singer discussing of universal prescriptivism-“prescribing universal judgement for all possible circumstances, including hypothetical ones” (p. 8). It seems to me that this is on the same lines of the logic of care, as you stated in your video, we are unconsciously making ethical decision as we move through life. As Zylinska discussed, how people are responsible for making ethical decisions, even when the circumstance is none existent. In the same way, Mol discussed how the logic of care is an ethical way to treat patients. Equally important, when thinking about ethics, in Mol’s book she discussed health campaigns and how they do not help individuals. According to Mol, “health campaigns are too general and do not take notice of the collective preconditions for individual health and disease” (p. 69). If this is true, isn’t it unethical to engage in a behavior that is not proven to have a long-term effect on ones’ health?
In your video, you…

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