The Locomotives Of The Steam Railway Essay

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The steam railway was an significant invention to the development of the modern age The expansion of the railway system across the United States and the world influenced how we live our lives today. Throughout the industrial revolution the steam railways reduced the time it took for freight to reach its final destination, expanded the reach people could sell products too, provided a safer transport compared to horses, along with countless other things. The steam railways better connected people and helped fuel the second industrial revolution. Without it our world might look a lot different than it does today. First, the steam railway system reduced the amount of time it took for people to travel and provided safer and improved transportation compared to horses and other technology of the day. Here is a quote from class and shows how important the steam railway was and how it influenced society. “On the Manchester rail-road, for example, above half a million persons travel annually; and supposing each person save only one hour in the time of transit, between Manchester and Liverpool, a saving of five hundred thousand hours, or of fifty thousand working days, of ten hours each, is effected. Now this is equivalent to the actual power of the country of one hundred and sixty-seven men, without increasing the quantity of food consumed…” (Babbage, On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures, 1832) The steam railway saved fifty thousand working days of ten hours each was…

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