Essay The Local Chamber Of Commerce

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I have been given the task to inform the members of the local chamber of commerce about the methods in which they can use social media for their business needs, this could include advertising their product and/ or service, notify their potential customers of their latest offers, provide information, target a specific audience, and be successful on social media in general.

The figures for people using social media throughout their daily lives is increasing progressively more, therefore making it very important that firms, whether large and small, that they use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to their advantage. Due to the huge amount of users now on Facebook (now currently over 1 billion daily active users), the site provides any firm with the perfect opportunity to expand, promote, and contact their customers, which will benefit them on a large scale.
Facebook gives the option for any user, including a businesses, to customize their page. This means that the business can target their audience by the way the page is set up, such as the colours used, the style of the page, the pictures and videos uploaded, and the way in which it is written. Because of this, if it was a firm that sold confectionary products aimed at children, they could make the page bright and appealing to target that specific audience. Cadbury is an example of this. A successful business will upload a variety of content formats as well, such as videos, images, hyperlinks (to the…

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