Essay on The Live Concert - Original Writing

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The live concert I chose to examine was Wicked. My family and I went and saw it on October 15th at Century II at the 2:00 p.m. showing. Inside the venue, there’s around over 30 rows of red seats on the main floor, along with a balcony with perhaps a handful of rows (I didn’t get a chance to see how many). The walls are a beige color and narrow from the back to the front in a “V” formation to draw focus onto the stage. The stage had an industrial look on each side with a large map of the land of Oz. The Emerald City Palace was in the center of this map and was done with green glitter and then further highlighted by a green spotlight. There was also a large metal dragon protruding from the top of the set, keeping watch with its ruby eyes. The audience was dressed in attire that I would say was semi-formal. Women primarily wore dresses and skirts, or perhaps a nice blouse. Men wore slacks or khakis, with button down shirts or polo’s. The general behavior of the audience was very respectful and calm, except for maybe at the merchandise stand – but even then, I wouldn’t describe that as crazy. There was a flutter of excitement amongst the audience for what was to come, with an exception for the odd disgruntled husband who were clearly dragged along. The performer’s costumes reflected the steampunk look of the set, especially in the Emerald City. The cast’s attire reflected the late 1800’s to perhaps the early 1900’s. The Emerald City clothing color palate was heavily green, with…

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