Essay on The Little One : Chinese Culture Concerns

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The Little One
Chinese culture concerns more about the organization’s interests rather than personal interests. I born in this culture and affected by it. Many people, western people especially, might hold a resistant attitude towards this group-first culture because we are living for ourselves, not others. But I accepted this culture, and followed it when I worked for group. I adjust myself for the team, and learn from the team. Rights and money do not motivate me because I can be the little one in the organization.

1. Get into the organization
“Motivation is the process of arousing and sustaining goal directed behavior.” (Nelson, 2015) Financial motivation is one basic way of motivating employee, but it does not work all time. According to the Harvard Business Review, the correlation between money and satisfaction is only 0.14, which indicates that there is less than 2% overlap between pay and job satisfaction level. (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013) I am the person who does not been motivated by money. I enjoy the sense of achievement when I successfully finish the task the organization allocate to me. The most important organization I have ever attended is the Student Union. Before I came to UNH, I had my college life in China. It is a perfect university with a functional Student Union. It is a formal organization with official authority and clear structure. There is a student council, which is responsible for decision making and daily operation. Under this council, there are…

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