Essay on The Little Mermaid By Hans Christian Andersen

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Single Sea Foam to Married Mermaid The original The Little Mermaid, written by Hans Christian Andersen, and the Disney version are closer than I had first thought. It turns out that Disney had only changed the ending to fit the Disney-fication process, besides adding music. The original piece isn’t as sad as thought. I’m glad I got to actually sit down and read Andersen’s version of The Little Mermaid. Both versions of The Little Mermaid follow the six-step formula for a Shakespearean comedy. It is easiest to start from the original content and connect it to the six steps. In Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid it starts off with the introduction of the little mermaid. She and her sisters wait to turn fifteen to go up to the surface. We are introduced to the Sea King, sea witch, little mermaid and the prince. With the little mermaid as the main character she sets up the story by wanting to visit the surface and interact with the people. The Prince is the main love interest and he is introduced when the little mermaid saves him from drowning. The next step is a tragic event, and it is much smaller then something Shakespeare could muster up. Nobody died, yet. It was more that the little mermaid realized she couldn’t be with her prince. “Why have not we an immortal soul?” asked the little mermaid mournfully; “I would give gladly all the hundreds of years that I have to live, to be a human being only for one day, and to have the hope of knowing the happiness of that…

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