The Little Mermaid By Arthur Miller Essay

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Andersen 's “The Little Mermaid " is a story involving one of the princess of the sea royal family that tries to change her nature through magic to gain the heart of the prince but also to achieve immortal soul , with the help of the sea witch . Unfortunately she realizes that the prince does not have similar feeling toward her and soon finds herself with a dilemma where she has to kill him otherwise she dies. She refuses to kill him and die, but luckily she joins the Daughters of the Air who offer her another chance to achieve her goal in exchange for good deeds during 300 years. Andersen 's tale reveals that the story is a far more complex fairy tale compare to the classic one: through the several separations, the complexity of the protagonist 's quests and finally with the involvement of the spiritual hierarchy.
In Andersen 's “The Little Mermaid “One of the main difference are the several separations that take place during the story which is unlikely to the Perrault 's and Grimm 's tales. The first separation point is when she turns 15 , " you will be allowed to go up to the surface of the sea " said her grandmother (93 ), which is when she has the age to see for the first time of her life the human world which she is so fond. The second separation is when she visits the sea witch for support in order to attain her goals. She makes a deal with the sea witch and soon after “She saw that her fish tail was gone” (98) and changes into human and therefore leaves her community…

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