Essay on The Little Match Girl By Henrik Christian Andersen

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When the word “fairytale” comes to mind, many people think of a perfect story in a perfect world where happy endings arise for the good people and bad endings for the evil ones. When you think of a fairytale ending, you cannot help but to picture Disney movies with Cinderella’s iconic puffy blue dress or Snow White being awakened by her Prince. The story of “The Little Match Girl” was written by Hans Christian Andersen in December 1845. “The Little Match Girl” has been adapted into a musical composition, The Little Match Girl Passion by David Lang in 2007, and a short film, The Little Matchgirl produced by Disney in September 2006. This story ends with the death of the only focal character in the story: the little match girl herself. The little match girl is a girl without a name, and she is on the New Year’s Eve streets in freezing and snowy weather. She is being abused at home by her father, and if she does not sell matches so her poverty stricken family to earn money, she does not want to go back home in fear of getting hurt. As she sits in the streets, she decides to light a match. With each match, she sees a vision where she is happy, but eventually the match always goes out. The last match that she lights, she is taken into the arms of her grandmother and is taken up to heaven. Unlike other Disney movies, the little match girl starts and ends in poverty. There is no rags-to-riches theme like many Disney princesses go through.
Even though the little match girl has no…

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