The Little Book Of Restorative Justice By Howard Zehr Essay

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A brief review of the book “The Little Book of Restorative Justice,” by Howard Zehr, is based upon one idea, how should this society respond to wrong doings and what should be done with the victims and offenders? The book begins by telling us that the criminal justice system is not meeting the needs of the people with in that system, ultimately the system is failing however there still may be some good qualities. Zehr expresses that, “restorative justice is an attempt to address some of the needs and limitations,” (3) and by doing this he first tells his audience what restorative justice is not, to give us, his readers a better understanding of what it really is. Also to you could say that he does this so we can have a stronger foundation while learning what, The Little Book of Restorative Justice,” is and not being completely biased because of what we think we may know. Later in this book we learn that restorative justice is about trying to heal and fix what is broken as much as possible. Victims need to know that whatever happened that they were victimized is not their fault; and offenders need to take in accountability of what they did without the state punishing them. By this I mean their punishment is not to be mistaken for their accountability, “Restorative justice has brought an awareness of the limits and negative byproducts of punishment. Beyond that, however, it has been argued that punishment is not real accountability. Real accountability…

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