The Little Black Book Of Success Essay

1475 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Rhonda McLean, Elaine Meryl Brown and Marsha Haygood carefully constructed the brilliant leadership handbook, The Little Black Book of Success, for anyone seeking leadership advice on their journey throughout the management world. All three authors crafted this book with the intent of bettering the lives of similar individuals.These women did not let working in different departments of the same company stop them from having the same mutual goal to help others thrive. This book is directed towards coloured women, however, there is advice and life lessons in the novel that can apply to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Many educational lessons surfaced from the reading of this novel, and some were not even newly learned, but lessons that one may have forgotten about. A great deal of this reading has impacted my view of leadership in the business world forever because these authors collaborated so effectively. The first few chapters of the novel were the ones that effectively captured my interest. I do not evaluate a good lesson based on how deep or how brilliant it is, but I do base the value of a lesson on if it is easy to remember and whether it will stick with you or not. Almost every single person will be in the position of attending a meeting at some point in their life, and this book outlines how to present yourself as a confident and knowledgeable person when put in that position. One of the first rules that was discussed was that no matter how important manners are to…

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