The Literary Work That I Read This Module Essay

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The literary work that I read this module was a good look into how literature has developed in America. Most of the literature we read had to do with very controversial topics that, even though they were written quite a long time ago, still play a big role in today’s society. Over all, I found it very interesting reading and learning about how these issues were brought about and how they were dealt with on both sides of the argument. These topics mainly related to race, religion, and most of all, gender. Though the issues expressed in these readings are still relevant today, I noticed a difference in the way they were expressed. For example, Frances E. W. Harper writes about slavery in her poems, “The Slave Mother” and “The Slave Auction”. These poems give us a glimpse of what it was like to be an African-American mother in the 1800’s. She writes, “Ye who have laid you lov’d to rest, And wept above their lifeless clay, Know not the anguish of the breast, Whose lov’d are rudely torn away” (Great Poems by American Women, P. 79). This excerpt really shows how slaves were treated and also how women were treated, as insignificant. We still see both of these issues in today’s society, yet in a different way. Today racial discrimination is a hot topic, with groups like Black Lives Matter in the news just about every week! Also, women’s rights is a big topic right now as they are still treated unequally. When reading these poems, plays, and novels, my eyes were open to the history…

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