The Literary Pieces Of The Ancient Egyptian Poetry Essay

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Literature is meant to provoke many different kinds of emotions and responses from the reader. However, the best literary stories are the ones that have stood the test of time and are read over and over again. But is something so old really relatable to modern thinking and society. The ancient literary texts can be a bridge between ancient and modern cultures. These stories have too many years between the point they were written and the time the reader is getting to them. Problems in society change as people and society itself advances. So problems from hundreds of years ago will be irrelevant to people today. However, these stories may be hundreds of years old, but they do still posses emotions and aspects of life relevant to today 's people. As seen in the ancient Egyptian poetry “I Think I 'll Go Home and Lie Very Still,” the subject of the poem is quite lovesick over a women. The author states how he will just go home and lie very still and maybe feign illness. But he knows that even as doctors look him through and through, only she will be the one knowing the cause of his illness. Being lovesick is something that happens very often in modern society. The one you love is taken by another, or does not have that same affection back, this causes lovesickness. Another example in “The Voice of the Swallow,” the author compares the love they have to multiple objects. His love is like a bird so it soars, free in the wind. The love is like barley and beer. This is what love…

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