The Literary Genre Of Children With Disabilities Essay

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The book Rules stands out amongst other novels in the literary genre of children with disabilities. It not only chronicles the challenges that David, a boy with Autism, faces, but also illustrates his struggles from the perspective of someone on the outside, specifically his sister Catherine. The simplest abilities that most people take for granted, such as interpreting social cues and demonstrating appropriate manners, are the same abilities that people with Autism lack. This novel shines a light on how pertinent these capabilities are for living a so-called “normal life,” however, it also questions if having a “normal life” can always be a possibility. Catherine learns by the end of the book that although her brother David may not be like most boys, he is still her brother and she should accept the reality of his disability. In Rules, David’s Autism paralleled with Catherine’s frustration with his disability shows that a person’s mental disability not only deeply affects themselves but also those around them.
Although Autism has become a well-known mental disability, many people remain unaware of how difficult it is for a person to function with Autism on a daily basis. David doesn’t possess the social skills and mental capabilities that others kids and adults take for granted. To help him acclimate to mainstream society, his sister Catherine writes down rules for David to follow so “he’ll know how the world works, and I won’t have to keep explaining things” (Lord, 2006,…

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