Essay on The Literacy Rate Of Japan

1258 Words Apr 10th, 2016 null Page
Can you guess what the number of 99% means? This percentage shows the literacy rate of Japan, which ranks 23 in the world. In contrast, the average of the literacy rate of developing countries such as Africa is below 35% because of poverty. According to NGO survey, there are 775 million adults who suffer from lack of literacy. Why do we need to receive the education such as the literacy? The answer is the education produces a wealthy society, community, and life to us. Then I notice my topic that four reasons financial issues, the environmental factors, the parenting styles, and disabilities cause education difficulties for some people. About my observation, there are several solutions by which the government or community provide for people because the education is the most powerful thing in the world; besides, knowledge allows people to reduce poverty or education difficulties if they receive the education. Most people have to pay tuition to receive education, yet they concern about financial issues because the education is not free, and educators are one of the occupations so that they need money. My aunt told me, “Since kindergarten, parents have to pay tuition for each institution. It is kind of a burden for us because they have to save money for education expenses. She hopes the tuition is free from kindergarten to University like Sweden.” In Sweden, the equality is very important because the government charges high tax on daily products in order to fulfill…

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