The Literacy Program Implementation For Students With Unique Needs

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As a product of a state issued education and a current educator who has confronted and overcame diversity in many forms, such as learning disabilities and cultural differences, I am dedicated to the reformation and enhancement of Literacy Education in our public educational systems throughout the United States. I have a particular interest in improving Literacy Curriculum and implementation in elementary education. By continuing to be exposed to our current literacy program implementation, I feel the need to be the voice for our students. As a result of my own personal and educational experiences, I am familiar with the anguish and frustration that follows a one-sided literacy program, for students with unique needs. It is vital for educators to speak up for individuals (students) who are struggling to survive our current educational system. These experiences have convinced me that by broadening our minds as educators we have the opportunity to enhance the educational experience of our future generations. This can be the difference between a generation of hope or dejection. I have chosen to pursue this path of applying for a Doctorate in Educational leadership so that I can pursue my goal of enhancing our country 's Literacy Education curriculum which a much larger impact, than that of a classroom educator.
I believe that I began preparing for this professional journey directly out of high school when I first started to…

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