Essay about The Literacy Of Speaking And Writing

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During a time of public speaking, you had to share something that means a lot to you. Something that you worked on hard because you wrote it from the events you seen going on and the events that has happened to you in the past. First thing you feel is the anxiety of sharing something that deep. Then you feel the nerves because you wrote it, you wrote something that explains something meaningful to you. Then you wonder how will everyone react to it, because it is who you are this a piece of you. The fear of messing up the words get to you rather if you have an accent or not. The literacy of speaking and writing is something that everyone goes through at some point of their lives rather if they want to or not. Famous book writers sometimes are asked to read their books in front of a group of people that ranges into the thousands. Poetry nights where poets perform their poems or songs that they have written. Sometimes public speakers write their own speeches rather than have someone write it for them it creates a more personal meaning though. That why some people are scared to share what they write because its more personal that sharing what someone else wrote because then you will not feel the judgement because it is not your writing. There was a lot of times where I was in that position to me speaking and writing ties hand in hand with each other in a sense of grace and power (Scribner 16-17) I remember there was a time that I had to perform a couple of my poems and that I…

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