Essay on The Literacy Is Defined As The Ability For Read Or Write

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What is Literacy? Literacy is defined as the ability to read or write. Being literate is a necessity to everyday life in America. Without the comprehension of literacy, an individual would have no skills to read, write, solve problems and access technology. Those who are deaf face a harder time learning English reading and writing, but literacy can be taught through American Sign Language (ASL). Merriam Webster Definition of ASL is “a formal language employing a system of hand gestures for communication (as by the deaf).” (Webster) The deaf or hearing- impaired can become fluent in reading and writing, but those who are not deaf can also benefit from learning ASL through building a better vocabulary, boosting mental stimulation, and it offers job advantages.
Those who are not deaf can benefit from learning ASL, because it helps build a better vocabulary. When speaking, people have a natural tendency to also use their body while communicating. Such as hand gestures, facial movements, shoulder shrugs, etc. As reported by Speech Buddy, “ASL takes those natural tendencies and helps reinforce vocabulary and the meaning of words.” (O) When you hear a word, and see a word, it leaves a stronger, longer lasting memory of it on the brain. In ASL signs are commonly close tied to the actual meaning of the word. Therefore, leaving a longer lasting memory of the word. For example, states the Sign “You” in ASL is a finger pointing at to whom you are communicating to.” (Wahl)…

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