The Listening Book By Byw.a Mathieu Essay

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The Listening Book, written by W.A Mathieu, describes the authors’ personal experience of listening. While he makes the division of passive listening and active practice, he also mentions the unison of both. He starts his writing by listening experience in everyday environment, including the sense of hearing, the appreciation of nature, and the protection of ear and so on. In this part, he emphasizes the relationship between keeping the ear open while being safe, that is, aware of the sounds around us while avoiding damaging sounds, such as uncomfortable music, even when other seems not affect by that.
Switching from feeling the music to actively joining in it, the author focuses on the description of resonance, a mixture of sound in order. By music, he means every produced or noticed rhythmic vibration, such as walking, electronic drones…Or maybe that is not enough, because silence is also an essential part of music.
The author then narrows the topic to the common sense ‘music’ practices, and provides some useful tips. For example, he suggests that practice is very important and we should make a plan and write down our future practice time. I will try this later as I always forget to practice my instrument. I am always too ‘busy’, busy to have fun with my friends or busy with my assignments, and I almost forgot my love for my instrument, qin, or zither, a seven-stringed traditional Chinese instrument. I love the wood, the texture, the timbre, and especially the feeling…

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