The Lion And The Jewel By Shakespeare Character Analysis

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The significance of female characters in portraying the major themes and other social and political issues.
The word Renaissance comes from the French and it means “to be born again’. It took place in Europe during the 14th to 16th century and was a period of innovation marked by a new era of growth. This era was used as a bridge of culture found in modern history as well as the middle ages. ( Etymonline 2009 ) . In The Lion and The Jewel we examine a theme of culture and conflict that arises, in Romeo and Juliet there is the theme of the forcefulness of love and in the sonnet Shall I Compare Thee To A Summers Day the theme of stability is found.
During the Renaissance era, female characters were portrayed as having duties of being wives to their husbands and mothers to their children (Kelly & Joane 1984). Very few of them were given masculine roles in plays or the role of a problem solver .Shakespeare often uses themes of power and politics in his writings in which contributions of disruption have often been led by females (Bloom & Harry 1965). Women of such an era were not considered to have rights or freedom of speech. They were often seen as inferior to men and this
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To pay the price would be to buy a heifer off the market stall said Lakunle (p 100). In the story ,there is an old village culture that is represented by Baroka which clashed with new (westernized) culture represented by Lakunle. According to western culture if you love a girl you may ask for her hand in marriage , if she agrees then you can go ahead and marry her. While the old village culture states that a full bride price needs to be paid to the family first ,as it was believed to be a shame or that the woman was longer a virgin to marry a man who did not pay the bride price for her. This was one of the reasons why Sidi wanted Lakunle to pay as she was caught in between the two

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