The Link Between Women Participation Of Politics And A Country 's Overall Economic Success

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Women and politics seem to have never gone together. This ultimatum is present in many societies throughout the world. However, the severity of such claim is seemingly dependent upon a country’s overall development. This paper will discuss the link between women participation in politics and a country’s overall economic success. This study investigates two African countries that each share a similar gross domestic product (GDP). These countries are Kenya and Ethiopia. A country with a high GDP and or economic development will produce favorable gains in women participation while the lacking country will not. Having countries that share similar GDP will help with comparison measure. The overall development is a determining factor toward women participation in politics.
A country’s general social outlook on women is greatly affected by the success or failure of its economy and human development. In order for a country to produce favorable views of women primarily in these three social factors: education, tradition, and women rights are the mainly affected by the country’s economic success. An increase of economic activity and sustainability reduces poverty and creates a generally competent and happy society.
The relationship between gender equality, women empowerment and economic and human development is strong. Each is codependent for each other. Gender equality and women empowerment are not new terms by any means. Depending on the countries the levels of all four…

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