Essay about The Link Between Stress And Human Health

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For several centuries, doctors have contemplated the link between our mental and physical health. They believed that a person’s emotions are connected to disease and therefore advised their patients to relax their minds by visiting the spas. However, in 1800, due to the emergences of bacteria and viruses as other cause of ill-health and also new treatments such as antibiotic were able to cured diseases this concept lost favor. Recently, some behavioral disorder have been speculated to have a biological basis. Scientists are getting substantial evidence on the link between stress and human health.
Some exercises that use mind-body technique as treatment includes yoga, meditation, hypnosis and also visual imagery. There has been concrete evidence showing that psychological factors can be key in causing diseases such as heart disease and also these techniques can help in their treatment. Clinical trials have showed mind-body remedies to be obliging in treatment of arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. Improving one’s psychological functioning is helpful in easing symptoms of a disease.
Having good emotional health is the key to cope with stress and other problems in normal life. However, some external factors might disrupt it leading to stress or anxiety. Your body will respond to your feelings and actions. For example, in a stressful event such as the death of a loved one, high blood pressure or stomach ulcers might occur. This emotional imbalance can make a person be…

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