The Link Between Strategic Management And Leadership Case Study

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1.Explain the link between strategic management and leadership?

Strategic management __ Defined as a set of decisions and actions which strategic management undertakes resulting in the formulation and implementation of strategies in order to achieve objectives and proceed about attaining them. Strategic Management is all about making and implementing decisions and identifying the direction in which an organization is moving.
Strategic management typically involves : Strategic management analyze internal and external strengths and weaknesses.
* Formulate action plans * Execute action plans
*Review the outcomes and make changes when desired results are not being produced.

Manager Traits
* Execute a Vision ( Break down a strategic vision into
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Managers has plans and executes plans.
A leader has strategy and vision and are supposed to bring changes.
2.Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions?

Management focuses on execution of the strategy, they have plan and strategies while a leader direct the employees, coordinate and motivate them to execute the strategy with their best performance in order to accomplish the predetermined goals of the business. While making a strategic decision, right leadership style is needed, if a right leadership style is not followed then it will lead to failure of the decision.
The leadership styles and management can impact the strategic decisions, the organisation should know which leadership style fits best in strategic decisions.
Today’s world is more competitive, if right leadership style is not followed the organisation would not achieve its business objectives. A right leadership style is needed for the organisation to be successful, in making strategic decisions use best management and leadership skills.

3.Evaluate how leadership styles can be adapted to different situations??
Richard L.H. & Katherine C. B. (2005) introduced the 5 leadership
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Formulating, executing and controlling the organisational strategies Management and leadership theories plays an important role. Management theories are used in making organisational strategies and Leadership styles can be used in organisational strategy implementation.
For achieving successful organisational strategy transactional or transformational leadership styles can be implemented., employees are satisfied with their leaders or not can also be analyzed by using leadership styles.

Transformational Leadership __ Is a charismatic leadership in which the leader psychologically links organisational strategies and employee's personal benefit to achieve organisational goals.
If the organisation is following a cost leader-ship then it cannot afford high turnover rate because they spend high cost to train the employee.
In differentiation strategy, human resource is an asset for the organisation so it cannot afford to lose its asset.
Transformational leadership theory can impact organisational strategy, where leader motivates employees to perform well and he becomes an inspirational motivation for the employees which decrease the turnover

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