The Link Between Low Self Esteem And Depression Essay

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Alan originally came in because he was concerned about his three-year relationship with his girlfriend Lani. Due to the fact that he came in to the clinic with this problem, it is safe to assume that he wants it back on track. To do that, his self-esteem will be an issue that needs to be addressed and tackled. In an article titled Understanding the Link Between Low Self-Esteem and Depression, authors Ulrich Orth and Richard W. Robbins, offer this definition for self-esteem, “Self-esteem refers to an individual’s subjective evaluation of his or her worth as a person” (Orth & Robbins 2013). Based off of the descriptions Alan gave about himself, self-esteem is currently not one of his strengths. Alan’s lack of self-esteem is affecting every aspect of his life, causing depression and robbing him of his joy. Evidence of that can be seen every time he speaks of his relationship, his voice drops and he stares at the floor, which indicates a feeling of depression. Alan expressed a desire to speak to Lani about his feelings and his doubts, but has not been able to. By raising his level of self-esteem, Alan will start to feel the confidence that is needed to address an issue that is extremely important to him. When dealing with depleted levels of self-esteem, some degree of depression is usually present as well. While not the same thing, one usually stems from the other and can complicate matters which could bring that feeling of “lost and adrift” that Alan reported, to painful…

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