The Lines Of Campaign Finance Reform Essay

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Reading in Between the Lines of Campaign Finance Reform
The underlying question when referring to campaign finance proposals is to maximize democracy; however, what is often overlooked is the connection of democracy to the economic system. According to Jensen in the contemporary United States, capitalism is predicated on the concentration of wealth, yet democracy is based on the principle of representation and equality; there is a clear struggle between these two antithesis concepts. To make the question on which proposal would be the most democratic system clearer, the concept of democracy must be defined. Most definitions have some ideas of equality and representation, but the emphasis on each differ, creating distinct definitions. Therefore, my definition of democracy is to be active and have equal participation in political life. In this definition the emphasis is both on representation and equality, more on the latter rather the former.
Out of the four proposals, proposal three met the criterion of democracy to the fullest degree due to its ability to fulfill the concepts of equality, participation, and representation. The ability for an individual to only donate at a cap of $25 rather than an unlimited amount protects the individuals’ voices from being drowned out by the seemingly endless resources a wealthy contributor would have. The concept of limiting contributions highlights the importance of equality needed in a democracy. Without equality in a democracy,…

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